Charcoal Portrait Launchpad Bundle (Aug)

4 course bundle.

Course Summary

Elevate your portrait drawing skills and embark on an artistic journey with our comprehensive Silver Membership - the Charcoal Portrait Launchpad Bundle. This membership is designed to provide you with an immersive learning experience, personal support, and a strong community of fellow artists.

Key Membership Features:
- Four Comprehensive Courses: Gain access to four meticulously crafted courses that cover essential aspects of portrait drawing, including Hyperrealistic Portrait Mastery, Charcoal Hair Mastery, Realistic Charcoal Hands, and more. Unlock the secrets to creating lifelike portraits, mastering hair textures, and capturing the intricacies of hands.

- Weekly Coaching & 30-Day Challenge: Immerse yourself in our live 30-day challenge where you'll create a hyperrealistic charcoal portrait over five weeks. Receive expert coaching and personalized guidance as you work towards achieving your artistic goals. Upon completion, earn a Basic Certificate of Completion, showcasing your dedication and growth.

- Private Community of Artists: Join our exclusive private community of artists on Telegram. Connect with like-minded individuals, share your artworks, exchange insights, and engage in discussions that foster growth and creativity.

- Personal Support: Benefit from personal support throughout your artistic journey. Our team of experts will be there to answer your questions, provide feedback, and ensure you're making progress in your portrait drawing skills.

- Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to all course materials, enabling you to revisit content, refine your techniques, and continue expanding your artistic abilities at your own pace.

With the Silver Membership of the Charcoal Portrait Launchpad Bundle, you'll gain more than just art skills – you'll become part of a dynamic community of artists, receive personalized coaching, and have the tools to create impressive charcoal portraits that truly come to life. Unleash your potential and embark on this transformative artistic adventure!


Vaishnavi Khandkar

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